Testimonials from happy clients!

Bruce G.

5 stars-Bed Bug Removal
Great Company-Fast service....took care of my problem right away, I highly recommend them!!!!!

Steve L.

5 stars-Rodent Removal
Excellent Customer Service! Larry Y from Enviro-Tech Pest Control is a top-notch professional, delivering results and excellent customer service. We highly recommend him. Steve & Karyn Lowe Twin Pines Rd 92220

Julie E.

5 stars-Pest Control Services
Definitely recommend! Quick, efficient and safe for my pets and infant. No need to evacuate for 3-4 hours like other pest control companies require because he uses all natural, safe product. Smells like peppermint Ben-gay. Smell was gone by morning. Signed up for quarterly service.

Andrew J.

5 stars-Pest Control Services
Larry was very professional, coming to work on my premises on a Saturday morning no less! No more black widows around the perimeter of my house. Larry was super nice and easy to work with. The whole experience was painless. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Cindy G.

5 stars-Animal Removal Services
Larry went above and beyond to solve our pest problem. He was great from beginning to end...we are very happy with his work. I highly recommend Enviro-Tech.

Jennifer H.

5 Stars-Gave Free Quote, Great Service And Prices, and always early or on time; that is important to me. Thank you Larry.