Tell Those Annoying Pests That Their Lease Is Up!

Residential and commercial pest control service in Temecula & San Jacinto, CA

Spiders invading your kitchen? Bees overrunning your backyard retreat? You don’t have to live with these pests and the problems they bring. Enviro-Tech Pest Control, Inc. can take care of those bothersome pests and bugs in a short amount of time. Using a mix of conventional and organic materials, we can find a way to get your pest problem under control.

 Taking care of all types of pests

Enviro-Tech Pest Control, Inc. of Temecula, CA provides our services for both homes and businesses. You can trust us to use organic products and proven techniques to address:

  • Ants
  • Spiders, including black widows
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Moths (Indian meal moths)
  • Bees, yellow jackets, wasps
  • Rodents

From start to finish, we’ll make sure to manage your pest problem in a way that causes little to no impact on the environment. While “going green” has become a catch phrase for many other exterminators, it’s the only way we do business at Enviro-Tech Pest Control, Inc.. Reach out to our exterminator today and discover a friendly and fast solution to your pest problem!